Time Management

General Time Management Tips

  • You must manage your time, from the “get-go.” A personal planner is essential.
  • Determine how many hours you will study, per class and per week.
  • Start your homework early – don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Prioritize tasks by importance – design a “to-do” list to help place items in order of importance.
  • Combine several activities into one time slot – If you commute to school, try  reviewing notes on the way.
  • Catch yourself when you are involved in unproductive projects and stop as soon as you can.
  • Get enough sleep (~8.0 hrs w/in 24 hr period). Otherwise your performance degrades quickly.
  • Adapted from
    • George Mason University
    • Managing Your Time by Dartmouth College
    • Tips for Academic Success by University of Colorado Boulder

Here are some other tips to help manage your time more efficiently:

  1. Use a term calendar- write in all exams, academic events, deadlines, and important personal events. To do this, create a schedule using a long term planner.
  2. Create a weekly schedule. A weekly template and a task priority list are helpful in scheduling weekly tasks.
  3. Use daily to-do lists.

Helpful Handouts

Time Management Clips

College Students discussing Time Management Strategies


Dartmouth’s Academic Success Center clip teaches on critical time management skills