Free Screenings

Online Mental Health Screenings:

ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential, online resource center, where students can search for information regarding emotional health. The site includes a self-screening tools, information about mental/emotional disorders, and how to obtain help for oneself or others.

Alcohol Screening:

Alcohol e-CHECKUP TO GO is an interactive, confidential web survey that allows you to enter information about your drinking patterns and receive personalized feedback about your alcohol use. e-CHECKUP TO GO enables you to monitor changes in your drinking patterns and can alert you to potentially dangerous drinking habits.

Whether or not you chose to drink, e-CHECKUP TO GO is a valuable tool for understanding your drinking patterns or even empowering you to help someone you care about who may be drinking at a level that’s concerning.

Marijuana Screening:

Cannabis e-CHECKUP TO GO is an online, personalized, brief screen that lets you see how your cannabis use, family risk and campus norms affect your life and future.