Red Folder

Recognize • Respond • Refer

1. Recognize

Please review the most common signs of distress. Students may also present with indicators not listed.

2. Respond

Use these important tips to determine the most appropriate response for a distressed student.

3. Refer

Is the student in need of immediate assistance?


Reflect on your own boundaries, self-care and support needs. Utilize colleagues, supervisors, department heads for consultation and collaboration. Consult with HR for information on professional development, wellness programs, and employee assistance options that are available to support faculty/staff. 

Consider your status related to campus security requirements and if there are any Title IX or crime-related reports you are required to file. 

Circle back with the student after a referral to a support resource to check-in. 

Understand that due to privacy regulations, it may not always be possible for other campus resources to provide you detailed information back.