All advances and reimbursement from club accounts require a detailed receipt.  A detailed or itemized receipt has the following on it:

  • All of the items that were purchased.
  • Who they were purchased from (name of the business).
  • The date they were purchased.
  • The total paid
  • The Credit Card slip can accompany the detailed receipt if there was a tip added.

Online orders provide a detailed receipt that is confirmation of your order.  All restaurants provide an itemized receipt when you are finished with your meal to request payment.  That receipt is yours to keep no matter how you pay for you meals.  You may have to ask for a detailed receipt if you are not provided one.

The following are not valid detailed receipts for advances or reimbursements:

  • Credit Card payment slips
  • Bank statements
  • Print screen off cell phones/computers

If you have questions, contact Student Accounting.