Treasury Basics

  • Keep all detailed receipts for your records-ALWAYS
  • Upload all receipts into the EagleSync request. (Advance/Reimbursement)
    • Always upload your receipts into the EagleSync request for Reimbursements and add in receipt to Advance request after purchase. Be sure and notify Student Accounting that your advance receipt has been uploaded or you will be listed on the delinquent list. Always keep your receipts, and if unable to upload, bring them to the student accounting office with the, check number associated with.
  • Include original check number on all paperwork-ALWAYS
  • Transfer from account to account whenever possible
  • Never tear up a check! Turn it in to Student Accounting if it is not used.
  • Deposits are made at Student Financial Services or by mail (Cash & Check only).
  • Always check with Student Accounting before any purchases
  • Make purchases using Student Accounting Credit Card.

Please update EagleSync with email addresses, titles and phone numbers of those that will be my direct contact for questions regarding checks and receipts.