Throwback Thursday: The 1961 EWU ROTC Chorus

Here is another historic image from the Eastern Washington University archives of prior Fighting Eagles Battalion ROTC Cadets.  This picture is of the 1961 ROTC Chorus:

The EWU ROTC Chorus Members were: Frank DeMeiro, Jerry Knowles, Richard Prague, Don Frazier, Larry Snyder, Harold Hayes, Duane Dishno , Barron Tilton, Mike Healy, Donald Lobdell, Charles Husel, Girk Gurley, Jim Arnold, Bob Biehl, Fred Van Wyck, Captain Thomas Whalen, Julius Presta, Gean Lale, Gary Jones, Paul King, Mike Spilker, Dan Martin, Lou Rector, Mel Hollen, Roy Crocken, Roy Yamashita, Frederick Wong, Edward Ito, Fred Boutz, and Ron Jones.

Please feel free any prior EWU ROTC alumni to share any stories about the chorus or the Cadets pictured.

Go Fighting Eagles!

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