Throwback Thursday: EWU ROTC’s Cadet Hall Back in 1958

Here is an old picture of Cadet Hall back in 1958:

Cadet Hall was constructed by the U.S. Army and first opened in 1956 which makes the building only 2 years old when this picture was taken.  Incredibly the building still looks very much the same today.

Due to the Computing and Engineering Building built next to Cadet Hall in 2006, the same perspective is not available to be taken today.  Besides the large building next door, Cadet Hall is now also surrounded by large pine trees and landscaping that was not there in 1958.

The stairs in the 1958 picture are also no longer there.  However, after all these years Cadet Hall is still where all Military Science classes are taught, the faculty offices, gym, supply room, and our indoor rifle range is located at.  Cadet Hall is aging gracefully and still proud to be the home to the EWU ROTC “Fighting Eagles” battalion.

Go ROTC!  Go Fighting Eags!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: EWU ROTC’s Cadet Hall Back in 1958”

  1. The building behind Cadet Hall was the old Field House, in which ROTC classes were held before Cadet Hall was opened. At one end of the Field House there was a large, dirt-floored indoor practice field, in which “leadership lab” (drill & ceremonies) was held during the cold months. I do not remember any ceremony or fanfare when Cadet Hall was opened. One interesting fact was that during mandatory ROTC for Freshmen and Sophomores, the number of uniforms caused the need for a large storage room for uniforms so as to have the capability to outfit all students in a proper fitting “pinks and green” uniform. A supply sergeant was assigned to manage the inventory. It was a long walk across Woodward Field from the Main Campus. On one trip I spotted an old golf ball which I picked up and started peeling the battered cover away as I walked. I carried it in to the ROTC classroom to a class being taught by PMS Lt Col Eccles Scott. I was seated in the front row, and before long the rubber strands stretched around the ball began to break loose on their own, and then unraveled rapidly. Suddenly, the ball exploded and the white liquid latex core squirted out onto LTC Scott’s uniform. He excused himself, went into his office and came out with his spare Army Green blouse. I felt my Army days were over, but he did not reprimand me in any way. I still marvel at the fact that he had a spare. ready. Stan Johnson, COL(Ret), Class of ’59

  2. @Stan Johnson, thank you for sharing your story. It is always great to have alumni share their experiences on our website.

    I have seen pictures of the old fieldhouse before it burned down. It looked quite big. The new fieldhouse we share with the athletics department and we regularly use it during the winter months for physical training.

    Also that is pretty impressive that LTC Scott had an extra uniform hanging up and ready to go.


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