EWU Army ROTC Sponsors Eagles Madden Challenge 2021

Eagles Madden 2021

Eagles Madden 2021

This year in conjunction with the restart of the Big Sky football season, EWU Army ROTC is sponsoring the Eagles Madden Challenge 2021 video game tournament.  The tournament will begin on March 19th and registration is currently open until March 18th at 7PM Pacific time.  Anyone can enter the tournament; so if you are current student at Eastern, someone still in high school, or alumni it doesn’t matter you can enter.  There is also cash prizes for the winners with the overall winner receiving $150.

The tournament will be played over X-box One with the following rules:

Exhibition Mode

  • Fatigue: On
  • Injuries: Off
  • Quarter Length: 5 Minutes
  • Game Skill: All-Madden
  • Accelerated Clock: Off
  • Weather: Clear

Full details of the rules, the various cash prizes, and how to register for the tournament can be found at this link.  Feel free to comment or send us a message through our Contact page with any questions you may have.  Go Eags!