Fighting Eagles Cadets Learn Basics of Army Reconnaissance

On February 11, 2021 the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) Cadets traveled to the Cheney Waterworks property to conduct the sixth lab of the Winter quarter.

MS-III Cadet Oliva Roble is geared up and ready to conduct lab.

The purpose of this lab was to have the Cadets demonstrate their ability to conduct reconnaissance operations to standard in order to prepare them for the upcoming winter Field Training Exercise (FTX).  In order to conduct reconnaissance of each objective the MS-III squad leader had to use their previously learned land navigation skills to travel to each objective.

MS-III Cadet Everett Kuhnel uses his compass to get an azimuth towards the objective he needs to recon.

As the squad leader moved his element towards the objective he/she had to set up a proper Objective Rally Point (ORP) and then conduct a leader’s recon. During the recon the squad leader brings different personnel with them depending on the mission.  The remaining personnel remain at the ORP and maintain security until the leader returns.  Once back in the ORP the squad leader then had to radio back the information they observed during the reconnaissance mission.  The MS-III Cadets were then graded on their ability to conduct these skills based on the standards in the Ranger Handbook.

MS-III Cadet Jonathan Thiessen (center-right) directs his personnel within the ORP.

The MS-III Class, which is comprised of Junior level students, led the squads during the reconnaissance training because they are preparing to attend Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky within the next 6-7 months.  Providing as realistic training as possible to prepare them for camp is extremely important since passing Advanced Camp is a mandatory requirement for all Cadets who want to commission as an officer in the U.S. Army after graduation.  Great job once again by all of our Cadets for executing a great Leadership Lab.

Eagle Strong!

Note: You can see more pictures from the training below and on our EWU Army ROTC Flickr page.

MS-1 Cadet Mykenzie Belliotti participates in Leadership Lab training.

MS-III Cadet Nelson Hergert reviews his notes during Leadership Lab training.

MS-II Cadet Olivia Richied pulls security during Leadership Lab training.

MS-1 Cadet Joshua Naggenda conducts reconnaissance training at weekly Leadership Lab.