Eastern Washington University ROTC Cadet Completes Internship at the National Forensic Science Technology Center

Congratulations to Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadet, Valentino Olmstead for recently completing his summer internship with the at the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) located in Largo, Florida on the campus of Florida International University.

Valentino Olmstead holding his certificate of completion for his internship.

During his internship Cadet Olmstead was exposed to the latest cutting edge technology utilized for biometric and forensic identification.  Some of the skills students learn at NFSTC is to examine and develop fingerprints, chemical detection and analysis, media/cellular exploitation, and improvised explosive device (IED) investigations.

Cadet Olmstead was selected for the Forensic Internship Program through a Cadet Command sponsored competitive nomination process that required him to demonstrate academic excellence, physical fitness, and high character.

You can learn more about the internship process at the below link:

The Cadet Command Internship Process

Once again congratulations to Cadet Olmstead for successfully completing this prestigious internship.

Go ROTC!  Go Fighting Eags!