Summer 2019 Internship Application Period for EWU ROTC Cadets Has Opened

For Cadets interested in conducting internships during Summer 2019, the sign up period has now opened.  Any contracted Cadet can apply for an internship.  Being able to apply for these incredible internship positions is another benefit of contracting into the ROTC program.  I highly recommend that all contracted Cadets consider applying for what is likely a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Most of the internships are usually 4 weeks in length and Cadet Command will cover the costs of travel, food, and lodging.

Application Process

  1. Applicants will be placed on the Internship OML only after the completed application is received and if all prerequisites are met at the time of application.
  2. Subsequent participation in an Internship is contingent upon successful completion of Advanced Camp (AC).
  3. Priority of assignments.
  4. Unless otherwise specified:
  • MSL III attending AC have priority.
  • MSIV Cadets with at least one semester remaining following completion of the Internship.
  • SMP Cadets require a memorandum from their assigned unit authorizing exception to be placed in any Internship program to avoid any conflict with his or her unit obligations/commitments.

All Applicants Must:

  • Receive approval from their PMS approving Cadet for participation in an Internship.
  • Have a valid accessible email account loaded in CCIMM (other than
  • Meet and maintain a passing Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score and passing height/weight standard both at the time of application and throughout any Internship participation.

Required Documents:

  • Internship complete application (FY 19 Version); any letters of recommendation; and supporting documentation.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • Transcripts.
  • SMP Memo for Internship participation (if required)

Summary of Process:

  1. Cadet:
    1. Request approval from the PMS to submit an application for an Internship.
    2. Complete and save the application electronically and provide it via email to the PMS or his/her designee prior to the application deadline.
    3. Obtain letters of recommendation (LOR) from your MSL instructor, PMS, and advisor. Attaching an emailed LOR to your application is acceptable as long as the attachment clearly shows the name of the recommender in the email address and all contact information is contained.
    4. Submit transcripts along with your application. (unofficial transcripts are acceptable).
    5. Submit completed application and supporting information to the PMS for review and submission.

Scoring Criteria:

Below is the criteria that will be used to create the Order of Merit List (OML) for the internships.  This list provides a visual of the areas Cadet Command is looking for when reviewing the Cadet’s application. In the Application resume write-up, list all achievements and events that the Cadet was/is involved..

Scholar Athlete Leader Extra Curricular
GPA: APFT Score: Leadership Positions: Examples:
3.9-4.0 = pts 290-300 = pts Faculty Recommendation = pts Color Guard
3.7-3.89 = pts 270-289 = pts Class President = pts Pershing Rifles
3.5-3.69 = pts 250-269 = pts Vice President = pts Drill Team
3.30-3.49 = pts 230-249 = pts Leadership Awards = pts Work / Job
3.0-3.29 = pts 210-229 = pts ROTC Leadership Positions (PSG & Above) = pts Eagle Scout
2.76-2.99 = pts 209-below = pts Fraternity / Sorority – Member / Leader = pts Languages
2.75-below=pts Ranger Challenge Team = pts Community Program Leader = pts Military Service
Dean’s List Varsity / Intramural Sport = pts Community Program Volunteer = pts CULP
Academic Awards Bataan March Team = pts Air Assault / Airborne / etc… = pts Outreach
Team Captain = pts Church Position
Coach = pts
State / City Athletic Program = pts
Athletic Awards = pts


You can download an application at the below link:

To sign up for these internships Cadets will need to act soon. Most internship packets will need to be submitted by November 28, 2018.  However, for Cadets applying to intern with the NSA, NGIC, or INSCOM those packets have to be turned in by October 26, 2018.  The target date for all assignments to be filled is NLT January 31, 2019.

The below link will load up a PDF with a full description of each internship that explains the prerequisites and location of each position.  Below the link is a brief description of each internship.


Internship Overviews


Advanced Cyber Education Internships (ACE)

The objective of the Advanced Cyber Education (ACE) Summer Program is to develop the next generation of cyber-security leaders through an intense program that immerses ROTC students in the cyber-security discipline while educating them on becoming future military leaders.


Army Cyber Institute (ACI)

The objective of the Army Cyber Institute’s Summer Cyber Internship program is to provide the next generation of cyber-security leaders an opportunity to learn about the research process as it applies to cyber as well as to allow cadets to provide meaningful contributions to real-world research efforts in cyberspace


AMEDD Internship Program (AMEDD)

The Office of the Army Surgeon General sponsors the program. Cadets are assigned to Medical Department Activities (MEDDAC) and Medical Centers (MEDCEN). The purpose of the AMEDD IP is to offer a Cadet insight into the Army Medical Facilities and exposure to leadership in the medical arena. Cadets are assigned to a preceptor and work under their direct supervision and direction of an AMEDD officer.


AFRICOM Voluntary Internship Program (AVIP)

AVIP develops the next generation of military leaders through a dynamic program that immerses ROTC students in the Joint and Strategic environment of a Combatant Command. AVIP provides ROTC students opportunities for real-time interaction and networks in the career fields they pursue upon graduation and officer commissioning. AVIP encompasses a variety of academic disciplines to include the following:


Army Test and Evaluation Command: Administrative and Office Support Internships and STEM Internships (ATEC)

ATEC plans, integrates, and conducts experiments, developmental testing, independent operational testing, and independent evaluations and assessments to provide essential information to acquisition decision makers and commanders. We routinely plan and execute test and evaluation processes as the Army continues to integrate and mature new and existing capabilities.


Broadcasting Internship (BIP)

Bayou City Broadcasting owns and operates local television stations in Indiana and Louisiana.  The Company has internships available for all departments at our CBS and FOX affiliates in Evansville, IN and our FOX and NBC affiliates in Lafayette, LA.


Creative Services and Production (CSP)

This internship is sponsored by Bayou City Broadcasting. Bayou City Broadcasting owns and operates television stations in Indiana and Louisiana. The ideal intern has an interest in Creative Services, Production, Marketing and Promotions.


Engineering (ENG)

This internship is sponsored by Bayou City Broadcasting. Bayou City Broadcasting owns and operates television stations in Indiana and Louisiana. The ideal intern has an interest in Engineering.


Administration (ADM)

This internship is sponsored by Bayou City Broadcasting. Bayou City Broadcasting owns and operates television stations in Indiana and Louisiana. The ideal intern has an interest in Administration and Sales Support.


Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine (CDHAM)

The CDHAM Program is a US Army initiative that fosters an interagency approach to enhance Partner Nation (PN) disaster preparedness that facilitates long-term recovery, enables governmental self-sufficiency and encourages regional cooperation.


Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) – Internship Program

As an Army applied research center under the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, CERDEC is the Army’s foremost resource for developing and delivering innovative technologies and integrated solutions for our networked Warfighters. CERDEC helps shape the battlespace and enable information superiority and decisive lethality through integrated command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems.


Chaplainry Internship Program (CHIP)

The Chaplainry Internship Program (CHIP) is for MSL IIIs interested in pursuing an academic delay to become an Army Chaplain.


Cultural Property Protection Internship Program (CPPIP)

The CPPIP is designed to offer an introduction to Cultural Property Protection planning and education as a component of comprehensive preparation for military operations. The cadet will be assigned to work under the direct supervision of an installation Cultural Resources Manager with high level academic qualifications.


Defense Forensic Science Center Forensic Internship Program (DFSC)

The Defense Forensic Science Center is the DoD’s premier forensic center of excellence, delivering full-spectrum, world class forensic services around the globe and across the entire range of military operations.


Engineering Internship Program (EIP)

This internship is sponsored by the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE).   Cadet will typically work in USACE District (Battalion or Brigade Command equivalent, usually in a resident office (construction office) working on civil, mechanical, electrical, or environmental engineering projects. Districts are located all across the US (36 Districts), and OCONUS (5 Districts).


EUCOM Volunteer Internship Program (EVIP)

The EVIP develops the next generation of military leaders through a dynamic program that immerses Cadets in the Joint and Strategic environment of a forward deployed Combatant Command. This environment provides Cadets the chance for real world interaction with high-ranking staff in the career fields they will pursue after graduating from their commissioning programs.


Forensic Internship Program (FIP)

The National Forensic Science Technology Center, a division of Florida International University (NFSTC@FIU) located in Largo, Florida, exposes Cadets to the latest cutting edge technology utilized for biometric and forensic identification, an area of growing importance to our nation’s security.


Intelligence and Security Command Internship Program (INSCOM)

Cadets will be placed in G3 plans, G3 Ops and Training, G1, G4, or a general MI section working on MI products. Cadets will be working with Soldiers and Civilians with in INSCOM on intelligence products that inform DoD leadership on national security issues


Joint Manufacturing & Technology Center (JMTC)

Engineering / Manufacturing (EM)

Describe duties. Cadets will spend their time in the RIA Machinist Apprenticeship. While there they will go through an introduction to machining that we often send new engineers through. This will expose them to the difference between design and producibility.

Public Affairs (PA)

The cadet serves as focal point for assuring the accuracy of a wide variety of correspondence, research for news releases and command information products produced by or for the PAO.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory (MITLL)

Cadets will conduct research at the premier Department of Defense research laboratory, located on Hanscom Air Force Base. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center that applies advanced technology to problems of national security.


Museum Internship Program (MIP)

The Army supports 57 museums located at posts throughout the country and in Korea and Germany as well as the National Museum of the U.S. Army in Washington, D.C. Cadet interns are introduced to the Army Museum Enterprise and how the U.S. Army Center of Military History supports military training and education and provides access to museums for the visiting public while also managing its immense wealth of material culture (artifacts).


NASA Ames Internship Program (NASA-A)

NASA Ames is one of ten centers with a diverse portfolio of research areas ranging from aeronautics to human systems to biology. Cadets are offered a broad range of areas for them to gain experience with, military and government exposure, and knowledge about future resources for their careers. Cadets will be working alongside other DoD personnel from the Air Force, Army, Navy, and National Guard in various departments.


National Ground Intelligence Center Internship Program (NGICIP)

Cadets are exposed to real-time intelligence collection efforts and are mentored to apply the tactical relevance. The program culminates with official intelligence briefings to Army officers, intelligence management personnel, and subject matter experts across the organization.


National Reconnasaince Security Agency (NRO) – ROTC

2 June-26 July 19 Dates of Internship.  Must be completed online NLT 5 OCT 18. This information was pushed to the Brigades on 30 August 18.


National Security Agency (NSA) – ROTC Cyberspace Internship Program – 6 Weeks

While at NSA and US CYBERCMD, Cadets will be exposed to real world cryptologic challenges of the 21st Century. Such challenges include technical innovation, policy and legal frameworks, and operational governance models that support the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC).


NORAD and USNORTHCOM Volunteer Student Internship Program (N&NC VSIP) (NVIP)

The NORAD and USNORTHCOM Volunteer Student Internship Program (N&NC VSIP) is part of a larger effort by NORAD and NORTHCOM to help cultivate future generations of defense and security practitioners.


Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP)

Cadets with an Academic Major of Nursing are the only Cadets eligible to apply for this program. NSTP rotations are 28 days in length and will be located at an Army Medical Facility either in the continental United States (CONUS) or outside the continental United States (OCONUS), including Europe. NSTP provides nursing Cadets with opportunities to develop and practice leadership in a clinical environment. Cadets work side-by-side with an Army Nurse Corps Officer preceptor. To qualify, Cadets must submit an application packet through their Brigade Nurse Counselor to the Cadet Command Chief Nurse.


USINDOPACOM Voluntary Internship Program (PVIP)

PVIP develops the next generation of military leaders through a dynamic program that immerses ROTC students in the Joint and Strategic environment of a Combatant Command. PVIP provides ROTC students opportunities for real-time interaction and networks in the career fields they pursue upon graduation and officer commissioning.


World Class Cyber Opposing Force (OPFOR) (WCCO)

For the past two years, the 1st Information Operations Command (Land) has been executing the Cyber OPFOR mission [directed by US Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER)] with the specific intent to provide the Army and other military forces with robust Cyber and Information Warfare (IW) aggressor teams designed to challenge warfighters during selected major war games and exercises.

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