Pictures from the Snow Covered Eastern Washington University Campus

School was closed today at Eastern Washington University (EWU) due to the approximately 6 inches of snow that fell around the Cheney area.  All the snow made driving around Cheney challenging, but it sure made the university look more scenic than usual.

There is more snow on the way tonight for the Spokane area, but in the meantime enjoy the below pictures from around today’s nearly deserted EWU campus:

Picture of the front of Cadet Hall.

Our ROTC pickup truck covered in snow.

Cadet Hall covered in heavy snow.

Wall course below Cadet Hall.

The Computer and Engineering Building located adjacent to Cadet Hall.

The main pathway through the EWU campus.

The historic school house located on the EWU campus

Snow accumulated on a table in front of Patterson Hall.

Snow piled up in front of Roos Field.



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