Fighting Eagles Cadets Learn Tactical Combat Casualty Care Skills

On January 23rd, 2020 Eastern Washington University (EWU) Fighting Eagles Battalion Cadets braved the elements in order to conduct the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) lab. TC3 was created by the U.S. Department of Defense in order to teach soldiers life-saving techniques and strategies to be used on the battlefield or wherever necessary. Cadets will need to be proficient with these techniques when they become commissioned officers leading soldiers.

TC3 Lab
Cadet Lee (left) and Cadet Camacho (right) lead a group of cadets carrying a casualty.

Leg Injury
Cadet Everett Kuhnel applies a bandage to treat a simulated leg injury.

During the lab Cadets were first attacked by an opposing force (OPFOR) enemy.  This forced to Cadets to practice their react to contact battle drills. The steps included returning fire, getting to cover and shouting the distance, direction and description of the enemy (three D’s).  After the attack the Cadets were then given cards that explained what casualties they received.  The Cadets then had to demonstrate the TC3 skills they learned to administer first aid to themselves or their buddy.   During the leadership lab all 6 squads successfully completed the lanes and passed the TC3 evaluation.

Casualty Carry
Cadet Amayia Roberts practices how to carry a casualty.

As the winter quarter progresses, so does the curriculum in which these Cadets are submersed. They will move into the special teams portion of squad operations during next week’s leadership lab which includes clearing objectives, handling of enemy prisoners of war, and performing aid and litter. Although the weather may be grim this does not affect the Cadets moral in the least and motivation is at an all time high.

Go Fighting Eags!

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