EWU ROTC Cadets Complete High Ropes Confidence Course at Basic Camp

This summer Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) has 11 Cadets attending ROTC Basic Camp at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  Basic Camp is a four-week leadership training course designed for college students, typically between their sophomore and junior years to attend if they did not join ROTC during their freshman year of college. After completion of Basic Camp the Cadet is then eligible for entry as a third year Cadet in the four year ROTC program. The Cadet is also eligible to contract and receive scholarship and stipend benefits.

Devante Hall prepares to conduct the high ropes course at ROTC Basic Camp.

The Cadet Command cameras recently captured pictures of two of our EWU ROTC Cadets, Devante Hall and Amayia Roberts during the execution of the High Ropes Confidence Course at Basic Camp. Cadet Roberts was even quoted in the Cadet Command article about the training:

“I’m terrified of heights. I actually started crying when I was going, but I pushed through it,” stated Cadet Amayia Roberts, Eastern Washington University.

Amayia Roberts (center) executes the high ropes course at ROTC Basic Camp.

The High Ropes Confidence Course tests the Cadets to overcome three different obstacles: the Moore’s Mountain rock wall, the Alpine Tower, and Rudder’s Rope Course.  The course develops the Cadets’ abilities to overcome heights, problem solve, and work together as a team.

Great job by both Cadets Hall and Roberts for completing the High Ropes Confidence Course and we wish them all the best during the remainder of their Basic Camp training.

Go Fighting Eags!

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