Eastern Washington University Army ROTC Alumnus Inducted Into the Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame

The Eastern Washington University (EWU), U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) department would like to spotlight one of our Alumni: Colonel (COL) retired (R) Scott W. Hull. COL (R) Hull was inducted into the Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame earlier this year at Fort Lee, Virginia, home of the United States Army Ordnance Corps. He graduated from EWU with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Business Administration in 1968, and commissioned from the EWU ROTC program into the U.S. Army as a Second Lieutenant.

Colonel Scott Hull; EWU ROTC Class of 1968

COL (R) Hull initially served as a Mortar Platoon leader in Ansbach, Germany, but then transitioned into the Ordnance Corps. Once he transitioned into the Ordnance branch, he took on several critical roles for the Army, to include being a commanding officer during the Vietnam War in charge of two ammunition supply points in support of combat operations in Phu Bai, Vietnam. Later, as Commander of the Savannah Army depot, his leadership led to increased productivity while suffering a 10% loss of employees. Then during Operation Desert Storm, he was instrumental in the planning and shipment of over 800,000 tons of ammunition to Saudi Arabia. COL (R) Hull finished his career as the Chief of the Munitions Division Army G4, where he managed and directed the U.S. Army’s ammunition and missile stockpiles, valued at over $45 billion.

COL (R) Hull was inducted into the Ordnance Hall of fame for his positive, significant and distinguishable contributions to the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps. He went above and beyond what was asked of him serving as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army.

Congratulations to COL (R) Hull for the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Ordnance Hall of Fame.

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