Sylvia Kennerly Selected as an EWU McNair Scholar and Awarded Summer Research Internship

Sylvia Kennerly SelectedCongratulations to new McNair Scholar Sylvia Kennerly! Sylvia was selected by the McNair Scholars’ selection committee on the basis of her passion for research, commitment to attaining a PhD, and overall potential for success in graduate school.

The federally-funded TRIO Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program at EWU selects motivated and talented juniors and seniors who are first-generation and low-income college students, and/or from groups underrepresented at the doctoral level to introduce them to academic research and provide them with effective strategies for getting into and graduating from PhD programs.

Sylvia is an aspiring researcher majoring in Biochemistry at Eastern Washington University. Growing up in Seward, Alaska, Sylvia developed a fascination with science at an early age that has evolved to her interest in the intricacies of cellular pathways and the role of biochemistry in human health. Driven by her curiosity Sylvia has engaged in a research project with Dr. Burgis in winter quarter of 2023 exploring the expression of variant ITPase on human neuron cells. For her 2023 summer research internship, she will be working with mentor Dr. Jason Ashley.
In addition to her academic pursuits, Sylvia enjoys spending her free time outside exploring the Spokane area in the summer with her family and taking road trips to National parks. Her favorite travel destination was the cloud rainforests of Costa Rica.

As a student with strong interest in pursuing a career in biochemistry, Sylvia has set her sights on earning a PhD in biochemistry. Through further research and laboratory experience, she hopes to make a positive impact towards human health and disease research. Sylvia’s unwavering commitment to scientific inquiry and their determination to grow and learn new fields makes her a promising scholar.

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