Student Stick Drawing for Transitions

Student stick drawing for transitions is helpful to get students moving and wanting to follow expectations. When a transition is being set up and after students know what is expected of them quickly pull a stick and watch for student behaviors and celebrate the ones who are following expectations. This will provide students a good opportunity to see how transitions are supposed to work, and your class will begin to have quick transitions with this motivation.

Classroom Drive-Thru

The classroom drive-thru is helpful because it keeps the movement around the classroom run smoothly without chaos happening. When there’s a structured line implemented for moving around the classroom in a certain area and direction, it helps prevent kids from running into each other, ripping over students desks/chairs, and prevents the classroom from becoming too crowed in one area. It forces students to learn how to be patient and wait for their turn as well.

Daily class schedule

The class schedule is a tool that helps students know what to expect from the day and mentally and physically prepare themselves for the upcoming activities. This is helpful because students like to know what is expected of them and what they are going to be doing throughout the day.

One Daily Helper

The daily helper is when one student is selected to be the daily helper for the day. This student helps the teacher with whatever they need including closing the door, turning off the light, line leader, etc. This is helpful because it allows this one student to take responsibility in the classroom and the other students are