Emotional Check-In

Student Contributor: A. Luna
This tool is a great tool that can be used in the mornings when students come to school. Students can check in and choose how they are feeling that day. It lets the teacher know how students are feeling and whether they need to adjust their day as well.

This tool should be used mainly in the mornings when students come to school but even also having students go back to the chart throughout the day and change their emotions. Some important elements that teachers need to be aware of is, of course, how the student is feeling, whether or not a lot of students are feeling the same way as others, and how to go about the day. My aunt is a second-grade teacher, and she has a similar chart like this in her classroom. She explained that this helps her see if students are having a good or bad day. She is able to talk to students one on one if she needs to.

I decided to put this tool in the Preventative Phase because if used correctly, a teacher can make adjustments to seating arrangements, fix their lesson plans, be careful with words or gestures, and maybe be able to talk things out with students if there is a problem. This tool also relates to the Supportive Phase because the teacher can decide if they need to intervene with certain students. They are able to help understand students' emotions that day and possibly help students have a better day if they are feeling under the weather. I thought that this tool fits best under Student Directed, and Student Directed and Collaborative because only students know how they are feeling, and teachers are able to collaborate with students in a way that can be useful or helpful for the student and their learning.

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