Student Contributor: S. Trull
GoNoodle is interactive music videos that students can sing and dance along to they are very catchy. They help with getting the students bodies moving especially after sitting for awhile.

GoNoodle is to be used in a transitional time period. It is to help students get there jitters out this is to not be used at every transition period because it does require lights to be off and sometimes the door to be shut because it can be loud so be mindful and aware of those who are sensitive to sound. This tool is to be used for students who have been working for a long period of time or at the end of the day when they just need to let out some energy. How I have seen it used it is right before recess and as we are transitioning ourselves from one subject to another to go into more detail the students will be at table stops and when they are done they will go to the carpet to do the GoNoodle and let out their jitters then they will stay at the carpet to do the next subject.

In the preventative phase you are setting the students up for success for learning and this is before the learning actually begins. Ideally this is when the tool would actually be used as well during a transition time. GoNoodle does not relate to the other phases, in the supportive phase you are focused on listening attentively, assessing improvement, solving problems creatively etc and the major difference is during the supportive phase is when the learning begins. Again GoNoodle ideally would be used for when there is no learning happening, as for the corrective phase it this tool is not used to correct behavior it is actually used to help prevent behavior.

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