Meal Plans

Meal Plans Designed Just For You

Residential Meal Plans

EWU Dining Services and Housing & Residential Life currently offer two meal plan options for students living on-campus, a base meal plan or an upgraded meal plan. Contracts can be made on either a quarterly or annual basis. Please see EWU Housing and Residential Life for more information about these contracts.

* First-year students must have a meal plan with their housing contract.

Off-Campus Living

The Commuter plan is designed for students living off campus who desire the convenience of a meal plan. This plan includes À la Carte and Eagle Flex. This plan does not auto-renew, so students will need to repurchase it each quarter. Students can purchase this meal plan directly from the Tawanka Business Office at the beginning of each quarter or submit a completed form for billing to your student financial account. The À La Carte portion of these meal plans expire at the end of the academic school year. Commuter plans for 2023-24 are now available for purchase.

Meal PlanÁ la Carte (Per Quarter)
EagleFlex (Per Quarter)
Base Meal Plan130,000 points$100.00 EagleFlex
Upgraded Meal Plan165,000 points$150.00 EagleFlex
Commuter Meal Plan40,000 points$25.00 EagleFlex

Managing Your Meal Plan

Meal plans are meant to be managed.

Managing your meal plan is extremely important. We suggest students pay close attention to their weekly average spending, and utilize the provided guide below to determine whether their chosen meal plan is meeting their nutritional needs.

Meal PlanA la Carte Beginning Balance
(Per Quarter)
Weekly Budget Goal
(based on a 10-week quarter)
Base Meal Plan130,000 points$130.00 per week
Upgraded Meal Plan165,000 points$165.00 per week

If desired, students can opt to change their meal plan; statistics show that 13.46% of meal plan participants choose to do so each quarter. Students wishing to modify their selection should watch for meal plan change request submission deadlines. These dates vary from quarter to quarter, and will be advertised to students by the 8th week of each term. Meal plan modifications are applied to accounts in the quarter following the one in which the request was made.

Students with on-campus meal plans may add additional funds to both À la Carte and Eagle Flex.

Understanding Your Meal Plan

À la Carte

À la Carte is a penny-a-point system that allows you to purchase items at any EWU Dining Services location without tax. For ease of use, points are converted to a cash tender type; for example, 140,000 points in À la Carte will translate to $1,400.00.

Any À la Carte balance from a residential meal plan remaining at the end of a quarter will be automatically converted to Eagle Flex at a 75% value. As Eagle Flex, these dollars remain in a student's account for as long as that student is enrolled at EWU.

Any À la Carte balance from a commuter meal plan remaining at the end of a quarter will carry forward to the next quarter and expire at the end of the academic school year in June.

Eagle Flex

Eagle Flex is a prepaid account that works like a debit card. Use your EagleCard to spend your Flex dollars at participating merchants both on- and off-campus. For a full list of Eagle Flex vendors, visit the EagleCard website. Flex carries over from year to year and will be available to students for as long as they are enrolled at EWU.