Interfraternity Council

Learn About Our Chapters

It is recommended that students explore the values of each fraternity, the benefits of membership, and the expectations each organization has for its members. Visiting the national websites for each organization (linked above) is a great way to learn more and think about what organizations you are interested in!

Please note: the Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter in the Cheney area is not a recognized fraternity by Eastern Washington University.
Only officially recognized fraternity and sorority chapters may participate in university programs, including (but not limited to) Eagle Family Homecoming, Greek Week, recruitment, and social events.

IFC Recruitment


The IFC Fraternities provide a formal recruitment process in the Fall. This process allows for a potential new member to learn about each chapter and make the right decision for themselves about which chapter fits best for them. Registration is free!

Winter and Spring quarter recruitment is by chapter. Make sure to follow the chapters you are interested in on Instagram for updates about how to join, or ask an active member!

2024 Interfraternity Recruitment Dates:

Coming soon!


IFC Recruitment Details:

  •  IFC recruitment registration is FREE
  • This is a great way to meet others and get connected at the beginning of the school year!

A letter from our Vice President of Recruitment


Wade Romine

Hello, everyone! My name is Wade Romine and I’m your IFC VP of Recruitment!

I rushed Fall ‘21 of my Freshman year and I can confidently say it was the smartest decision I chose to make in college. I didn’t come here thinking I’d join a fraternity; those whom I met in the community convinced me through their character and friendship that rushing was the right choice for me. I encourage you all to make the most of your stay here at Eastern Washington University by signing up for Formal Rush and finding the right house for you, as I did two years ago.

I can’t wait to see you all! Go Eags!

Did you know?


Belonging to a fraternity or sorority increases one's chances of completing a degree, with 71% of Greeks graduating versus 50% of non-Greeks.


An impressive 85% of executives at Fortune 500 companies called fraternities home during college.


Across the nation, sorority and fraternity life and their alumni members accounts for 75% of all total college and university donations.