2024 Student Leadership Excellence Awards

Student Leadership Excellence Awards (SLEA) are designed to recognize students, student organizations, and staff/faculty for their contributions to the EWU community.

Honors a student who has made a significant contribution to their student organization, academic program, residence hall, or in their community. The Student of the Year has gone above and beyond, demonstrating initiative, dedication, dependability, compassion, and impact on those around them.

Recognizes a student organization that has accomplished its goals, has actively encouraged its members to participate in activities and events, and has demonstrated a commitment to the EWU community. The Student Organization of the Year exemplifies involvement and leadership on the EWU campus, meets the needs of the student body, and works to engage all Eagles in its programming, community service, or inclusion efforts.

Honors a student or student organization who has actively advocated for an underrepresented population through their words and actions. The Social Justice Advocate of the Year has led conversations, hosted programs and events, or has served as a role model for actively engaging in social justice work. The advocate is dedicated to uplifting equity and inclusion initiatives and using their voice to create positive change both on and off campus.

Celebrates an outstanding student-led program, event, workshop, or initiative meant to engage the EWU campus community. The Event of the Year promoted discussion, excitement, or shed light on an important topic. This event was well organized, well-publicized, and had a positive impact on attendees.

Honors an EWU employee who has exhibited exceptional support, service, and encouragement of EWU students, enhancing their learning and contributing to their success.

Recognizes their contribution in the local community. Recognizes a student or student organization that exhibits a tremendous dedication to on- or off-campus community service. This group or individual has engaged in community service while exploring innovative ways to uplift EWU and the surrounding community.

Honors the faculty/staff member advising/mentoring a Student Organization who serves as a role model displaying outstanding commitment by providing support and encouragement assisting the organization to succeed.

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