Throwback Thursday: EWU ROTC Cadets Conduct Field Training Back in 1968

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, here is a picture of Eastern Washington University ROTC Cadets in action back in 1968.  Notice that the caption to the picture says that the EWU ROTC program in 1968 was the third largest in the country.  This was because back then every male on campus had to serve for two years in the ROTC program.  Do any EWU alumni from back then recognize anyone from the photo?

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: EWU ROTC Cadets Conduct Field Training Back in 1968”

    • Tom, thanks for commenting. Whatever the person in the beret is pointing at, he definitely has everyone’s attention. Do remember why Cadet in ROTC with berets wore them back then? –LTC Stafford

  1. I was able to join ROTC in 1968 if I was a qualified entering junior in college by atending a 6 week course a Ft. Benning, what was the name of this program?

    • Doug, that’s referred to as the “Basic Camp” and it is meant to catch up individuals like yourself on the 100 and 200 level skills you missed out on earlier in your university time. Basic Camp prepares students to come into ROTC as juniors prepared to serve at the advanced level in preparation for Advanced Camp the summer between their junior and senior year. -LTC Van Meter


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