The Eastern Washington University ROTC Class of 1952-1953

The Eastern Washington University ROTC program has a long and proud tradition that goes all the way back to 1952.  Back then EWU was named the Eastern Washington College of Education and every freshman and sophomore male had to participate in ROTC.  The below picture is of the very first ROTC class from the 1952-1953 school year:

Pictured in the first row from left to right are Cadets 2nd Lt. Jim Adams, M/Sgt Ken Arlt, M/Sgt. Fred Martin, and M/Sgt. Louie White, Second Row from Left to Right are Cadets Sgt. Bill McKay, Sgt. Duncan Hallet, Sgt. Bill Miller, Sgt. Jerry Jordan, and Sgt. Dick McCoy.

If anyone knows any of the Cadets pictured in this photo please leave a comment and let us know!

4 thoughts on “The Eastern Washington University ROTC Class of 1952-1953”

  1. I entered the ROTC program in the Fall of 1955. I do not recall any of these faces or names being on campus by that time. I do remember the name of the Cadet Colonel, Kieth Lauthbon (phonetic spelling of the last name). He went on to serve a full career in the logistics field, and retired as an O-6 in Spokane. He passed away several years ago.

    My cousin, who now lives in Tampa, FL entered the ROTC program in fhe fall of 1952. I will ask him if he remembers they names and faces.

    • Mr. Johnson, thanks for sharing your memories from early in our program’s history. I will have to check the archives for pictures from 1955 and see what I can find. Thank you for sharing the photo with your cousin. It would be interesting if he is able to share any memories he may have about the first years of the program.

  2. Hi Mr. Johnson,
    I know few things about Sgt. Dick McCoy he was our neighbor in California few years ago he died.He was very calm and patient man known for his kindness.

  3. Hey,
    I salute them for their service, My training in ROTC changed my life. I was ready for IOBC, and Ranger School. Vietnam was challenging, but without my map reading basics at Eastern, I would never have made it home.
    Captain W. Pearson Ranger EWSC 1963-68, Vietnam1969-70


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