New Cadet Command Fitness Assessment Implemented for Students Looking to Contract into Army ROTC

Cadet Command Fitness Assessment

In October the Army implemented its new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) which made the prior Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) obsolete.  Besides being the fitness test of record for many years, the APFT was also used as the fitness test to contract college students into Army ROTC.  Recently U.S. Army Cadet Command revised its fitness test requirement to reflect the ending of the APFT.  The new fitness test is called the Cadet Command Fitness Assessment (CCFA).

The Pushup
EWU Army ROTC Cadet, Marcos Sanchez conducts the pushup event during an Army Physical Fitness Test.

All new Cadets who wish to contract will now have to pass the CCFA.  The events in this new test include 1-minute of pushups, 1-minute of modified situps, and a 1-mile run.  Just like the old APFT the standards to pass the assessment are based on gender.  The below chart shows the minimum standards to pass the CCFA:

Cadet Command Fitness Assessment
The new CCFA requires Cadets to pass a minimum number of pushups and modified situps in 1-minute and complete a 1-mile run.

For retention and commissioning the ACFT will be the test of record for contracted Cadets.  Cadets will be required to take an ACFT at least once a semester or quarter.  Cadets commissioning will need to complete an ACFT at least 120 days before graduation.  Currently no administrative action will be taken against Cadets that fail an ACFT, they just need to complete it.  Cadets will be allowed to commission as long as they meet all the other appointment criteria outlined in USACC Regulation 145-9 and CC Form 145-5-1 (USACC Appointment Checklist).

If any Cadets have questioned about the new fitness test requirements feel free to leave a comment or contact your Military Science instructor for more information.