Fighting Eagles Battalion 2022 Dining Out

Cadets present the colors to begin the formal ceremonies

On Friday, March 18th, EWU ROTC hosted its 2022 Dining Out in Hargreaves Hall on campus. All of the attendees enjoyed a chance to dress up, socialize, and even engage in some shenanigans by calling each other out over “violations of the mess.” Not event the Professor Military Science escaped scrutiny and, like all the other violators, had to drink from “the Grog.”  Our MSIV (senior) and MSIII (junior) Cadets shared their favorite memories of ROTC and each other.


MSI and MSII Cadets add ingredients with symbolic meaning to the “Grog”

Cadets who violated the “Rules of the Mess” take a drink from the “Grog”

We closed the evening with our guest speaker, Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Brad Liberg, class of 1981. Brad retired after 22 years and a battalion command in the Army, followed by a successful 18 years in education culminating with him becoming Principal of Pasadena Park Elementary School in Spokane Valley. His story shows ROTC can be a springboard to success in two very different chapters in life.

Guest speaker Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Brad Liberg and his wife, Tamera

 It was a great night and there was a lot of fun had by all!

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