Application Period for the 2019 Cultural Understanding and Leadership Program Has Opened

All EWU ROTC Cadets interested in participating in the Cultural Understanding & Leadership Program (CU&LP), the application period opened today (Sept. 14).  United States Army Cadet Command (USACC) will be accepting application into CU&LP until October 31st.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so take advantage of it.

For those unfamiliar with CU&LP it is a program sponsored by (USACC) that takes Cadets overseas on cultural deployments in support of worldwide Army Security Cooperation plans and the Army Culture and Foreign Language Strategy.  The timeframe for a CU&LP deployment is generally one month in duration and are executed between the 11 May – 11 August 2019 timeframe.  Here are the qualifications to apply for a CU&LP position:


  • Cadets must be Contracted
  • Medically Qualified (DODMERB Completed)
  • Cadet in Good Standing with the ROTC program


  • Cadet is APFT Failure or does not meet AR 600-9 HT / WT
  • Cadet is Green to Gold ADO (Active Duty Option)
  • Cadet has previously deployed on a CU&LP mission
  • Is planning to enroll in other Cadet summer training (ie: CTLT, NSTP, etc)
  • Cadet will not be enrolled full time and present at program thru AY 18-19
  • Do not apply if conducting study abroad in either semester

USACC selects Cadets into the program through a competitive process.  After applying a Order of Merit List (OML) for all applicants is developed based on:


  • University GPA
  • Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score
  • Language Capability

After completing the OML, each Cadet’s skills, abilities, and availability are matched against the language and skill requirements for each mission. Higher OML scores get selected for a CU&LP mission.  The number of CU&LP missions varies each year.

More information and details of how to apply to the Cultural Understanding & Leadership Program (CU&LP) can be found at the below link:

Anyone with questions about the program can speak with EWU ROTC Cadet, Christian Goldbach who was selected for CU&LP last year and was sent on a mission to Peru.  Any further questions can be directed towards your Military Science instructor for assistance.

Remember this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that most active duty officers will never get a chance to experience.  Take advantage of it now if you meet the application criteria.

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