The PUB has multiple places to promote events, including:

  • Bulletin Boards
  • Digital Signs
  • Handbills
  • Table Tents (reservation only)
  • Sandwich Boards (outside only)
  • Advertising Tower

Please note: sandwich boards and easels present tripping hazards and are not permitted in building corridors.

All promotion in the PUB must adhere to the EWU posting policy and the PUB posting guidelines.  Any postings not in compliance will be promptly removed.

Click here for more information about advertising in the PUB.

Bicycles must remain outside of the PUB and should be secured to bicycle racks.    The PUB is not responsible for any items left outside of the facility.

Scooters, skates, rollerblades, skateboards and hoverboards are not permitted to be used in the PUB.  If brought into the PUB, these items must carried off of the ground. Individuals using these items in the PUB will be asked politely to disengage in their activity. If the request is not followed, EWU Police Department will be notified.

Please see WAC 172-118 for more information.

Candles can reach very high temperatures and can ignite nearby combustible materials, therefore no open flame of any kind is permitted in the PUB. Battery operated candles are permitted throughout the building.

Decorations are limited to the inside of or directly outside office suites and tenant spaces unless approved for a specific university sponsored event or through the PUB Board exemption process. Decorations may not be hung from light fixtures or fire sprinklers.

Blue painter’s tape or small nails may be used to hang small paintings/art pieces inside suites. Large paintings/art pieces should be hung by Building Maintenance by creating a Facilities Work Request.

Glitter and confetti are not allowed in the PUB.  Use of these items will result in the responsible organization/individual being charged for custodial services. Use of smoke/fog/haze machines may be approved through the PUB Board exemption process.

See Signage on Glass for additional information.

The PUB has two donation boxes available for student organizations and campus departments to use.  Donation boxes must be reserved in advance and are restricted to designated locations. 

Donation boxes have a place for an 11×17 paper insert (make sure to have 1″ margins).  Users should provide an insert that provides information about the donation drive including the cause, sponsoring organization or department, contact information, dates, and types of items that can be donated.

Contact or stop by the PUB Welcome Desk for reservation details.

The PUB Board Exemption Request allows a campus department or student organization to request special consideration related to posting and promoting within the PUB.

Forms must be submitted minimally two weeks in advance of proposed request.  Please plan accordingly as late requests may not be honored. Contact the ASEWU Executive VP for more information.

PUB furniture should not be moved outside of its designated room.  However, users are able to modify furniture arrangements as long as all furniture stays in the same room.  It is expected that furniture will be moved back to its original spot.

Furniture can never block exits or impede traffic circulation.

Each suite is responsible for the furniture in their respective space. All furniture damages in their designated space will be assessed and charged accordingly.

The PUB Game Room includes desktop computers, board game tables, and a console station.   You must be a current EWU student, faculty, or staff member to utilize the game room. Board games are located in the 3rd floor lounge.

The PUB provides a lactation room to support the needs of parents of young children.  PUB Lactation Room information:

  1. The lactation room is located on the first floor of the PUB.
  2. If you need access to the lactation room, please checkout the prox key card from the PUB Welcome Desk. You will need to give your Eagle Card or driver’s license during the time the prox card is checked out.
  3. A clean and comfortable environment is provided for your use. Please let the PUB Welcome Desk know if the room is not adequate.
  4. Refrigeration and storage is not provided in the room, so please plan accordingly.
  5. The room is designed for one user at a time, and is scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.  Users are permitted to spend no longer than 90 minutes at a time in the room.
  6. Please allow enough time within your visit to wipe down surfaces with disinfectant wipes provided.   
  7. Please respect the privacy of all Lactation Room users by knocking before entering the room. Do not prop open the door at any time.

Lost and found services are provided at the PUB Welcome Desk. All items turned into the PUB Welcome Desk will be logged.  Owners may claim their property once they have established ownership or right to the possession of the item.

Items are kept for a minimum of ten (10) calendar days, and a maximum of fourteen (14) calendar days.  Items over $25 in value are turned into the EWU Police Department.  Items under $50 in value are donated to charity.

Note: the EWU Police Department will immediately collect all sensitive items including, but not limited to, weapons and illegal items.

There are multiple parking options near the PUB.

  • Meter parking along Elm Street
  • Permit parking in lot P-9
  • Free parking in lot P-12

For permits and more information about parking on campus visit

Please note: there is no parking behind the PUB.

As per EWU Policy 603-10, service animals are the only animals permitted in the Pence Union Building.

PUB tenants may post signage on glass within or facing outward of their suite as needed or as desired provided the postings are neat and professional in appearance. Signage must not block all of the windows for extended periods of time. Posting on exterior windows is not permitted without approval of the PUB Board.  This includes, but is not limited to: signs, decorations, window paint, pictures, or anything substantially similar to anything on this list, however, these items may be approved through the PUB Board exemption process.

Tenants are encouraged to use signs found within the PUB Signage Toolkit provided by the PUB Welcome Desk. Please contact the PUB Welcome Desk for additional toolkits.

As per WAC 172-122-310: Use of tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and related products, the use of such products is prohibited within the Pence Union Building and within twenty-five feet of entrances, exits, windows that open, and ventilation intakes.