PUB Tabling

The PUB has three (3) indoor and four (4) outdoor tables available for groups to reserve.

  • Indoor: two (2) tables on the first floor; one (1) table on the second floor
  • Outdoor: two (2) tables on the mall entrance side and two (2) tables on the plaza entrance side.


  • Tables are 30” x 6’ and must remain in the designated area.
  • Tables must be attended during the entirety of the reservation. Representatives must be within six (6) feet of the table at all times.
  • If a table is left unattended for an extended period of time, table contents will be stored at the PUB Welcome Desk for 48 hours prior to being discarded.
  • Only PUB tables are permitted for tabling.  Non-PUB tables are not permitted.
  • Please use the chairs provided.  If you need more chairs, the Welcome Desk can assist you.  Do not move dining chairs.
  • A reservation is required to table.
    • Student organizations reserve tables through EagleSync.
    • Campus departments and external parties reserve though Event Planning.
    • Non-affiliated organizations can reserve through Event Planning.
      • Non-affiliated organizations will be charged an hourly rate for tabling reservations.
        • Standard hourly rate: $20/hour
        • Peak hourly rate (10:30am to 2:30pm, M-F): $30/hour
      • Anything commercial in nature must comply with WAC 172-139
  • Student Organizations are limited to PUB tabling 3 days/quarter. A day is defined as the PUB operating hours for a respective calendar day.