Student Facilities Board

The Student Facilities Board is the official representative body of the ASEWU in all functional matters concerning student facilities such as the PUB and the URC The Student Facilities Board shall partner with EWU administration in developing the vision, voice, and direction of the PUB in order to facilitate a positive, safe, and engaging environment for EWU community members.

The Student Facilities Board shall advocate and support the interests of EWU students and EWU community members.  Examples of the Student Facilities Board responsibilities include:

  • Review, advise, prioritize, recommend, create, and be informed on all PUB policies and procedures;
  • Review and recommend the hours of operation;
  • Review and approve exception requests for activities taking place in the PUB;
  • Review and approve student organization space via the PUB space allocation process; and
  • Provide feedback on any proposed changes to the PUB.

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