ASEWU Committees

Students serving on a campus committee or council have a unique opportunity of participating in the decision making process at Eastern Washington University. Their input provides an avenue for students’ concerns and viewpoints to be heard and addressed.

Pence Union Building Board (PUB Board)

The PUB Board serves to regulate all governing policies and administrative services of the Pence Union Building. This body serves as the ASEWU’s official representative in matters pertaining to the operations of the Pence Union Building.

Service and Activity Fee Committee (S&A)

The S&A committee reviews and evaluates current and proposed budget levels of all organizations, programs and departments receiving service and activity fee funding. Recommendations, proposals, and decisions made by this body are then forwarded to the Vice President for Student Affairs, and lastly, the EWU Board of Trustees.

ASEWU Finance Committee

The Finance committee assists in overseeing fiscal and supplemental budget requests submitted by student organizations, student related programs and departmental related programs. This committee provides financial reccomentation to the ASEWU Council.

Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC)

This body stipulates how collected student technology fees will be spent. The committee is charged with researching and applying the fees in a manner that best benefits the students of Eastern Washington University.

Review and Proposal Committee (R&P)

The R&P committee reviews, makes changes and recommendations to the governing documents of EWU’s student government. The changes and recommendations are then presented to the ASEWU Council for their approval.

ASEWU Diversity Committee

This committee was formed to present an opportunity for students to discuss issues pertaining to diversity; to clarify the definition of diversity; and to function as the voice for the students in an advisory capacity to various campus bodies including, but not limited to, the ASEWU Council and the President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity.

Election Board

The ASEWU Election Board is a deliberative body that enforces the student government election policies and procedures given under its jurisdiction as provided by the ASEWU Council. This body also serves as a lower court in the event an election grievance is filed. Regular elections are held during spring term each academic year.

Student Legislative Action Committee (SLAC)

The SLAC serves as a direct student voice through such efforts as lobbying by the ASEWU and to inform and involve students in a variety of legislative issues that influence them and the unviersity community.

Student Needs Advisory Committee (SNAC)

The SNAC provides students the opportunity to discuss issues on campus, receive feedback and relay the information to the ASEWU Council to advocate for the needs of students to improve health and safety services.

Student Transportation Fee Committee

This body administers the fees collected from the student transportation fee. This committee determines how and where the student transportation fee dollars are spent as well as how to fund and improve on transportation services offered to the EWU students.

Food Service Committee

This committee provides recommendations to the university’s Director of Dining Services. This body serves as the official representatives to the ASEWU Council in matter pertaining to the evaluation of EWU’s dining services.

Academic Committee

The Academic committee gives students the opportunity to discuss issues pertaining to academic affairs, connecting students from each college at EWU, strive to focus on student academic success, and increase student involvement. The committee will present a report to the Provost and Factuly President on a quarterly basis on topics discussed in the committee.

University Recreation Center Governance Board (URCGB)

The URCGB meets to regulate all governing policies and financial matters, including maintenance and aministrative services, and approve activities and related academic courses for the Univeristy Recreation Center.