Declaration of Candidacy for an Associated Students of Eastern Washington University Elected Position

Submission to file to be a candidate for the 2023 ASEWU student government elections has closed. 

However, if you are interested in participating as a candidate, there is an opportunity to have your name placed on the general election ballot through the write-in process.  This can occur during the primary elections, which take place April 11th - 13th

As outlined in the ASEWU Bylaw 2017-18/203:

A student of Eastern Washington University may have their name appear on the general election ballot as a write-in candidate if the individual meets all of the following conditions.

  1. Received at least fifty (50) votes for a specific position during the primary election.
  2. Received either the most or second-most votes for that specific position during the primary election.
  3. The write-in candidate has stated their desire to run for the specific position. Upon agreeing to run, the write-in candidate shall complete, sign and submit all required documentation contained in the ASEWU elections packet.
  4. Any campaigning done by the write-in candidate prior to submitting all required documentation must follow the ASEWU Constitution and all Bylaws.
  5. The eligibility of the write-in candidate shall be verified by the ASEWU director of elections.

If you have questions about this process, please contact the ASEWU office at 509.359.2514.