Get Involved

Why Should You Get Involved?

Many of the opportunities that ASEWU and the University offers for being involved, allow students to take part in the decision making process on campus. If you are sitting on any of the ASEWU or University committees or councils, you have the ability for your voice to be heard, and to advocate for what you care about. Students who have a passion for making change should greatly consider getting involved. Each opportunity for involvement gives students tools for success long after they graduate from Eastern Washington University, as serving for your student government or on committees is a wonderful boost to any resume.

There are two ways to be a part of the ASEWU team. Students can either run in the ASEWU Elections or they can be appointed.


By running in the elections you can be voted into office as either a council member, or an executive officer. To find out more information on elections, click here.


Appointed members of ASEWU are voted in by a majority approval of the ASEWU council, after participating in the interview process. Commonly appointed positions are the Council Clerk, Cabinet positions, and Associate Justices. If there is a vacancy on the ASEWU council, then the respective position will go through the appointment process.

Serving on committees gives students the opportunity to take part in the decision making process and let their voice be heard.

ASEWU Committees

Committees ran by ASEWU are always looking for student involvement. There are committees of various types that are sure to spark the interest of any student. To find out more about the committees ASEWU offers, or to apply for a committee, click here.

University Committees & Councils

To read more about university committees, click here.

The Student Trustee functions as a regular member of the Board of Trustees, whose broad responsibilities are to supervise, coordinate, manage, and regulate the EWU system, as provided by state statute. As such, the Student Trustee holds both the authority and responsibility to serve the state as a whole and the entire university community. At the same time, the Student Trustee has the unique responsibility to bring a student voice and perspective to the Board and serves as an informational link between the trustees and members of the university community, particularly the students.

For more information, click here.

To applyclick here.

Eastern Washington University has well over 130 clubs and organizations which all offer our students ways to get involved and find leadership opportunities. Students who are involved in student organizations have the ability to have a support system, learn how to network and even put on program events.

To find out more about getting involved in Student Organizations click here.