Student Organization Funding

In order to receive funding from ASEWU you must fulfill certain requirements. To review those requirements, please refer to Bylaw 405 by clicking here.

Looking for budget funding request forms? Please see the following:

  • ASEWU Start-Up Funding Request Form
    • The purpose of this fund is to provide a one-time start-up budget for new or inactive student organizations. Inactive organizations must have been inactive for at least three (3) consecutive quarters (excluding summer quarter). To submit a request, click here.
  • ASEWU Supplemental Budget Request Form
    • The purpose of this fund is to provide a supplemental budget for special events or unforeseen circumstances. Supplemental funds are awarded at the discretion of the ASEWU Council and are not to be used as fiscal budget. To submit a request, click here.
  • Annual Funding Request
    • The purpose of the annual allocation of the ASEWU services and activities funds is to provide student organizations that have proven to be stable and healthy with fiscal funding for the following academic year. Allocations for the 2023-2024 academic year have been awarded. Please contact Logan Hamilton, ASEWU Finance Vice President, with questions: