Shopping for Goods

Purchasing Office

Information and instructions for the following items are found on Procurement & Contracts webpages as shown.




Local Hotels (Cheney & Spokane)

Office Supplies

Off-campus Facility Use

Travel for Non-EWU Persons

Controller Office Items

Information and instructions for the following items are found on EWU Financial Services’ webpages as shown.

Meals & Light Refreshments: Procedures for the use of university funds to pay for employee meals and light refreshments for university sponsored meetings or formal training sessions.

Prizes & Gift Cards: Guidelines and procedures for the purchase and distribution of gift cards/prizes purchased with University funds is found on the Accounts Payable website.

Travel: Travel expenses, including airfare, for EWU employees and for students who are traveling under a Group Travel authorization is processed through the university’s travel management system Concur.

MarCom Authority Purchases

The following items require initial processing and approval through EWU Marketing & Communications (MarCom).

Apparel and Screen Print:  T-shirts. polos, hats, etc. – with or without EWU logo or other identifying marks

Promotional Items: Pens, mugs, notepads, banners, table cloths/runners, etc.

Printing: Flyers, posters, booklets, business cards, letterhead, large format, lamination, mounting, postcards, etc.

To purchase any of these items, contact Shelley Stickelmeyer, Quality Service Coordinator, at 509-359-6336 or email to

Advertising: All print, billboard, web, radio and TV advertisements for EWU.  To purchase or inquire, contact Lance Kissler, AVP-University Relations, at 509-359-4257 or email to

Visit MarCom’s Website