Doing Business with EWU

How to do business with EWU

Get licensed: All businesses on statewide contracts must be registered with the Washington Secretary of the State and Department of Revenue. Some businesses need a license from the Washington state Department of Licensing. Requirements vary by business and state of residence.

Register in WEBS: Anyone who wants to sell goods or services to state agencies using a contract must register in WEBS, Washington’s Electronic Business Solution. Information for registering and using WEBS is here: WEBS Info

Current and upcoming opportunities

You can find current bid opportunities through your WEBS portal here: WEBS Portal

Even if you are registered to receive solicitation notifications regularly, we recommend you regularly check for opportunities you may have missed (this can happen when you’ve possibly missed registering for a commodity code that you could provide). You can view all current opportunities on the bid calendar without logging into WEBS or you can login to WEBS to search all available posted opportunities in greater detail.

Items we purchase most frequently

Items most commonly purchased by EWU (to be published)

Upcoming events

State Contracting Opportunities & Open House

The Washington Department of Enterprise Services hosts a monthly virtual information session for businesses interested in working with Washington State agencies.  The sessions include a variety of topics, including: an introduction to state contracting; how to find upcoming contracting opportunities; where to get technical assistance; where to find additional training; and offer time and opportunity for questions and answers.  Sessions are offered on the third Thursday of each month, from 3 – 4 p.m.

Regional Contracting Forum

The 2023 Regional Contracting Forum is a free, in-person event. It will provide a meet and greet opportunity to connect with government and regional representatives in architecture, contracts & procurement, and engineering.

Stay informed

The State of Washington hosts events, provides training, and works with small and diverse business communities to connect them with tools, resources and statewide contracting opportunities.

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