EWU’s preferred method of payment for goods under $10,000 is the purchase card (“p-card”). This system allows cardholders to make small-dollar material and supplies purchases with an EWU-issued credit card, serviced by JP Morgan. Using the p-card reduces the need for small-dollar requisitions and petty cash reimbursements and allows for online reconciliation of payments. The cardholder and their department will now enjoy greater flexibility in ordering, quicker turn-around time, and reduced paperwork.

For instructions on obtaining a p-card or approver authority, visit the P-Card Training webpage.

P-Card Users

* Note: Prior to using your p-card to purchase food or beverages, review the Meals and Light Refreshments Procedure webpage for information about allowable and non-allowable activities, as well as requirements for prior approval. If you obtain prior approval to use a p-card to purchase food or beverages, when you upload your receipt(s) to PaymentNet you must also upload a completed meals and light refreshments form.

P-Card Approvers

Individuals with budget authority are responsible for reviewing and approving p-card transactions within PaymentNet at least once per month. After logging in to the system, review all purchases and receipts, and approve each individual transaction. Budget authorities are responsible for ensuring each transaction is for a legitimate university purchase and is supported by an attached receipt. Approvals by budget authorities must be completed in the PaymentNet system no later than the third business day of the month following the purchase. [More information and training coming soon!]

Please contact the Procurement Department at purchasing@ewu.edu or 509.359.2253 with questions.

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