Purchasing Rules

Placeholder for WA state regulations and EWU policies on procurement.

Rule #1 – $10K Limit

If total compensation for a contract/agreement exceeds $9,999, pre-authorization from the Procurement & Contracts office is required. Contracts over $9,999 are subject to competitive-solicitation requirements required by RCW 39.26.

Total Compensation includes fees for services, and all travel, lodging and per diem expenses, whether or not the expenses are reimbursed to the Contractor or paid directly by EWU.

Rule #2 – Who Can Sign Contracts

Only EWU employees with specific delegated authority to sign contracts are permitted to sign a contract for EWU. No university employee is permitted to sign a contract or make a purchase on behalf of the university unless authorized to do so under the terms of EWU Policy 204-07 or in a written delegation of authority. A current list of positions who have delegated authority to contract and purchase on behalf of the university is contained in Appendix A of EWU Policy 204-07.

Rule #3 – Certificates of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance is issued when:

  • When evidence of coverage is required by the owner, vendor, or lessor of land, facility or equipment being leased, rented or used by EWU for its operation.
  • When evidence of coverage is required by another party for whom EWU employees are performing services as part of an agreement.
  • When evidence of coverage is needed for general or vehicle liability coverage by the WA State self-insurance liability program.
Rule #4 – Paying vendor on day of performance

What if the contractor wants to be paid on the day of performance?

  • Clearly mark in red ink on the invoice “Please have check ready for pick up on the day of performance, MM/DD/YYYY”.
  • Submit the completed Contractor Invoice to A/P at least ten (10) business days prior to the day of performance.

Note: Advance signature on invoice indicates that signer accepts responsibility in ensuring contractor completes the service before payment is relinquished.


Washington State Department of Enterprise Services
Federal Procurement