Off-campus Facility Use

Retreat expenses shall be assessed according to the State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM) 10.10.55.

When meetings or conferences are necessary, departments should consider the cost to the state, accessibility to attendees, and other relevant factors in their selection. First priority is to be given to using state-owned or other public owned facilities in lieu of renting or leasing private facilities.

The location and facilities for all conferences, conventions, training sessions, or meetings held or sponsored by the state are to be barrier-free in accordance with (SAAM) Section 50.50.

When a conference, convention, training session, or meeting held or sponsored by the state is conducted at a rented/leased non-state facility, the person responsible for the choice of location and facilities is to submit justification in advance in writing to the department head or authorized designee for approval. The justification must be signed by your dean or director.

The justification is to include:

  • Date and location of requested meeting;
  • The purpose and objective of the meeting;
  • List of attendees expected to attend;
  • An estimate of the anticipated cost to the state to include travel costs of travelers;
  • An explanation why state-owned or other public owned barrier-free facilities cannot be used; and what would be the consequence if this exemption is not approved.

Please consider the following:

  • If meals are being served at the retreat a meals and light refreshment form will be required.
  • Employees will be required to stay within per diem guidelines for meals and lodging.
  • Any vendor contracts must be reviewed and approved by Procurement/Contract Services before the date of the event

Utilize EWU Event Planning to schedule events on Cheney Campus.