Preferred Source/Vendor: Washington State Correctional Industries (CI)

  1. Find the item(s) you need in the Correctional Industries catalog.  The catalog is here:
  2. Add the items to your “Cart”.
  3. login / pay using purchase order.

Contact information for furniture items from CI:

Chandler Gillis
Account Executive
Phone: 360.239.0347

State Contract #05616:
  1. If CI cannot fulfill the order, please contact one of the state contracted vendors below.
  2. Ask for furniture items that are on state contract and obtain an itemized quote.
  3. If necessary, coordinate with one of the contracted vendors to visit your office to conduct measurements, discuss laminate, fabric choices, etc.
  4. Complete an on-line purchase requisition.
  5. Submit vendor quote to Purchasing. The quote submitted to Purchasing should reference  the contract number.
  6. Please provide documentation as to why Correctional Industries could not fulfill the order.

Note:  If Correctional Industries is not used, all regular procurement processes and procedures will apply, including, if applicable, the competitive bidding process.  The bidding process applies when a single order exceeds $10,000 or if the annual dollars spent with a particular vendor for repetitive small purchases of similar commodities exceeds $10,000.


Open Square

  • Phone: 509.483.1000
  • Courtney Dohnal
  • UW-WIPHE Contract #UWIC 00070-SL

Haworth Places and Unigroup.

  • Lowell Gordon
  • Phone: 360.754.1732
  • State Contract #07214


  • Kurt Wood
  • Phone: 509.327.7150
  • UW Cooperative Contract – WIPHE UWIC-01121OEP
  • KI, Krueg, Spacesaver Furniture

Kershaw’s Inc

  • 119 S. Howard Street
  • Spokane, WA 99201
  • 509.456.6500