Ordering a New Copier

  1. Meet with awarded vendors. Vendors can vary on price depending on speed of equipment, please contact both for quotes
  2. Upon determination of Vendor and equipment, complete Lease Termination and Equipment Return Form and email to manufacturer contact, vendor contact, Purchasing and Accounts Payable (we like to give 30 days’ notice)
  3. Contact the OIT helpdesk and let them know you will need to have a service tech available on the date of the proposed delivery of the new copier and also attach the vendor’s quote to the ticket.
  4. Send a completed Banner Purchase Requisition Form containing both monthly lease charges and anticipated maintenance charges to Purchasing along with the quote and OIT helpdesk ticket number.
  5. Purchasing will create the Purchase Order and submit it to the Vendor.
  6. When copier is delivered Purchasing should be notified, Purchasing will change the Purchase Order to reflect correct delivery date and serial number.

Canceling a Copier Lease/Contract

To cancel a copier lease, please email

Vendor Contracts

Ricoh USA – currently on contract
Joshua West
Account Manager
Ricoh Digital Services
(509) 723-8786

Fishers – currently on contract
Dan Welch
Cell (509) 999-8666