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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

While the PLUS program provides academic support services to over a thousand students per quarter, we cannot provide an in-person study group or tutor for every course or student. We always recommend using your instructor as a primary resource. Talk to them before or after class, send them a Canvas message, and check their office hours on the course syllabus. If you cannot attend office hours, try scheduling an appointment with them via email/Canvas message, phone, or after class. The list below provides additional resources on campus and online that can help students succeed in their coursework:

For Math/Statistics/Accounting/Economics:

For Computer Science and Engineering:

  • The Computer Science (CS) department provides drop-in tutoring. Contact department for details.
  • Calculator, Laptop, Tablet, Headphone Loans! JFK Library provides some technology equipment checkouts.
  • PythonTutor helps you visualize your code for various computer languages including Java, C++, C, Python, and more.
  • Open Source Textbooks, link 2 courtesy of JFK Librarian Liya Deng
  • Chegg Learn, a free learning resource that provides students with comprehensive information on a wide range of topics spanning relevant coursework like Computer Science, Software, Engineering & Technology.

For English writing courses and Modern Languages:

  • The Writers' Center in the Learning Commons provides responders who will meet with you individually for a one-time scheduled appointment or you can choose to schedule weekly appointments (they also offer Skype sessions and a texting service).  Responders have a master's and/or doctoral degree.
  • The Purdue OWL provides writing guides for APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, as well as formatting examples for your Works Cited, in-text citations, quotations, paraphrasing and more!
  • The Spokane Public Library and Spokane County Library District provide free access to the Pronunciator language-learning resource (just need a library card), including ESL.

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