Claudio Escalante Accepted into Three Master’s Programs

Congratulations to EWU McNair Scholar Claudio Escalante! Claudio has been accepted by three Master’s programs: University of Illinois, Chicago, University of Colorado, Denver, and Northwestern University. This is on top of two prior PhD acceptances to the University of Nebraska and the University of Kansas. Claudio will attend the University of Kansas’s MS/PhD program in Bioengineering next fall with full funding as a teaching assistant. He also plans to pursue research assistantships.

Juan Claudio Escalante is a first-generation undergraduate student at Eastern Washington University, who majored in Biology with a minor in Spanish. He stayed on for an additional year after graduating to pursue courses that would preparing him for the engineering part of bioengineering. As a McNair Scholar, under Dr. Daberkow’s mentorship, Claudio worked with Dr. Daberkow to record dopamine effects on mice and then used the brain slicer to determine exactly where the reading of dopamine occured. In Summer 2023, Claudio attended Purdue University‘s Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP), and worked with mentor Dr. Tamara Kinzer-Ursem on his research, “Particle Separation: Harnessing Inertial Microfluids for Precise Particle Sorting”​. We’re so proud of Claudio’s years of preparation for graduate school and his next steps in attaining his PhD!