EWU McNair Scholar Mori Williams Completes Summer Research Internship

Mori Williams Research 2020 (1)

Congratulations EWU McNair Scholar Mori Williams for completing his EWU McNair Summer Research Internship! Mori conducted his research on nutrient concentrations of cyanotoxins at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge under the mentorship of Dr. Camille McNeely in the Department of Biology. He collected samples in the field and then analyzed these samples in the lab. Mori’s hope is to learn more about toxins and toxin flow in water to help prevent pollution and clean it out of our environment. Many thanks to Dr. McNeely for her outstanding mentorship. Read more about Mori’s research on his EWU McNair webpage!


Mori is now hard at work applying to graduate schools across the country with a specific interest in Environmental Toxicology. Keep up the exceptional work Mori! EWU McNair is confident that you will succeed in graduate school and have a great impact on our world.

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