Academic Programs

Established in 1965, the American Indian Studies Program  (AISP) serves Native American students interested in a degree from EWU. Through the AISP’s support, EWU has educated a large number of students. Many of these alumni have chosen to return and work in their Indian communities. Our alumni include educators, healthcare providers, social workers, business executives, tribal leaders, planners, writers, artists, and more. Our services focus on three areas: recruitment, retention, & academic studies.

The Africana Studies Program at EWU is committed to student success and provides students with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that allows students to critically explore, analyze and interpret the experience of African Americans in particular, and other people of African descent in general. The Africana Studies program seeks to mentor and provide role models for students of African descent, create opportunities for students to interact with scholars involved in the African American/Africana Studies multidisciplinary enterprise and offer programs/events to connect the university with the local community partners and alumni.

The Chicana/o/x Education Program originated in the spring of 1977 when a group of Chicano and Chicana students and Chicano Art Professor Ruben Trejo proposed the formation of a program. Regardless of your ethnicity, a minor in Chicana/o/x Studies will help you better understand the Chicanx/Latinx community. In the program, you’ll learn about Chicanx history and have the opportunity to choose from electives that cover a variety of topics, including literature, food, decolonization, gender, media, immigration and more.

Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies offers an interdisciplinary examination of women’s roles, contributions, history, and experiences, as well as a critical study of gender structures in societies and cultures around the world. Whether you’re interested in activism, the intersection of gender and race, theory, gender, and communication, or women in history, we have courses to meet your needs. Women’s and Gender Studies generates opportunities for interdisciplinary feminist analysis and knowledge creation while fostering leadership in intersectional activism.

Campus Resources

The Career Center provides many services that help you gain valuable information for future internships and employment. It is never too early to start considering how you can develop skills and expand your resume. A big component of making yourself marketable throughout your academic journey is gaining professional development.

At CAAR, Student Success Advisors (SSA) work with you one-to-one to help you with course planning, time management, or tutoring resources. Your student success advisor will help you register for classes (make sure to set up an appointment with an advisor to ensure you are taking the right class and credit schedule every quarter), explore degree and career options & create an academic plan!

CWS offers short-term counseling for students who want to explore personal concerns with a therapist. Group counseling, online treatment resources, biofeedback, consultation, and outreach services are also available. CWS provides assistance with referrals into the community for longer-term therapy. CWS also provides information on resources for healthcare, wellbeing coaching, peer support, a recovery support.

ODEI is a team of dedicated individuals on campus who are committed to creating an environment where all individuals, regardless of their background, feel welcomed, respected, and valued. ODEI offers trainings, programs, initiatives and resources to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion with the campus community.

The Pride Center at Eastern Washington University is a student-funded unit that strives to advance equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities on campus and in the local community. The Pride Center supports, empowers, and advocates on behalf of students, connects EWU community members to on-campus and local resources, creates and facilitates inspiring programs and events, and delivers educational trainings and workshops.

PLUS provides FREE academic support to EWU students through: study groups led by a student facilitator who fosters discussion in various sections of specific courses, tutoring provided by peer tutors to enhance classroom learning and assistance in small groups, online tutoring can be accessed from anywhere, and academic coaching provided by peer coaches to help students achieve academic goals.

SASS is dedicated to the coordination of appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities based upon individual needs, so each student may receive an equal opportunity to learn, to participate in campus life, and to grow emotionally and socially. SASS is also dedicated to helping students connect with resources to support their non-academic needs, such as food assistance and childcare, while they are enrolled at EWU. This is facilitated through support services, information sharing, advisement, and referral when requested.

Support Services 


Eastern Washington University welcomes and supports undocumented students of all ethnicities and nationalities. We invite you to explore the services, opportunities and resources available to you throughout the various stages of your Eagle Experience. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosts a list of resources available to you online and in a printable guide. If you need support in renewing or applying for DACA the NW Immigrant Rights Project!

The Writers’ Center is a FREE service open to all writers across the EWU community.  The Writers’ Center staff are experienced, professional writers equipped to work with writers of any ability and from any major. Writers are encouraged to bring all types of writing or specialized communication formats including: academic essays, research projects, posters, presentations, speeches, multimedia projects, scholarships, resumes, and creative writing.

Financial Help

The EWU Food Pantry aims to alleviate hunger and foster a healthy and inclusive community by providing access to nutritious foods. Food cabinets are available across campus and will be stocked with nonperishable food, personal hygiene products, and information on other food resources. Please bring your reusable bags when visiting the pantry. Check out their website for locations and hours.

The Student Emergency Fund provides limited, one time, financial assistance when you are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of a temporary emergency. Given the limited funds, not all requests can be approved even though there may be a clear need for assistance. Situations that are longer-term or require more substantial funding, such as loss of job, reoccurring rent/utilities, larger medical expenses, etc. will be referred to the Financial Aid Office for a more in-depth review of possible funding options.

Apply for emergency funds here.

For any questions or concerns regarding your EWU award make sure to get in contact with the Financial Aid & Scholarships office.

Remember if you are eligible to apply for FAFSA or WASFA by October 1st for the next academic school year!

Scholarships come from various sources including your college, your program of study, your high school, local, regional and national organizations, employers and more! Many scholarship applications open in the fall and winter with deadlines February through May. Apply early!