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Eastern Washington University Writers’ Center offers a variety of services and resources to support students become better writers and advance efforts to improve student learning and transition into higher education.


Our Responders offer a collaborative experience that strengthens EWU writers of any ability, from any discipline, and at any stage of the writing process.

What We Do

The Writers’ Center, located in the EWU-Cheney John F. Kennedy Library Learning Commons and the EWU-Spokane Center, is a free service open to all writers across the EWU community: Students, faculty, and staff are all welcome.

The Writers’ Center staff, known as Responders, are experienced, professional writers equipped to work with writers of any ability and from any discipline, including Business, Social Work, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, English, and more.

Writers’ Center Responders collaborate with writers at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to polishing final drafts. Writers are encouraged to bring all types of writing or specialized communication formats, both course-related and personal, including:

  • Academic Essays
  • Research Projects
  • Posters, Presentations, & Speeches
  • Multimedia Projects
  • Scholarships & Resumes
  • Creative Writing

During a 50-minute session, Responders and writers work together to create an individualized experience, which emphasizes the writer’s needs and goals. These conversations are intended to help writers with their current projects and to develop long-term critical thinking and writing skills. While Responders will not edit work for writers, they will discuss strategies and techniques to help writers revise their own work.

Goal 1

Students will engage in collaborative dialogue about their own writing, develop a vocabulary to talk about the writing process, and write effectively in response to a range of audiences and purposes.

Goal 2

Students will view themselves as writers, gain confidence in their writing, and make independent decisions about the writing process.

Goal 3

Students will understand and apply key principles of rhetoric to the act of writing and the composition of multi-modal texts.

Student Survey Results

  • 90% of Students report improved writing after visiting the Center
  • 93% Students report they produced a better piece of writing after visiting the centerStudents will be able to critically think about and respond to a range of rhetorical situations.
  • 32% Students report visiting the Center three or more times


  • Students will be able to write competently for a range of academic, career, and civic situations.
  • Students will be able to collaborate effectively with others.
    Students will be able to critically think about and respond to a range of rhetorical situations.
  • Students will be able to adapt to changing technology and use it to communicate effectively.

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