Brag Tags

This tool is helpful because it helps promote and celebrate positive behavior in the classroom. Each tag stands for a different behavior (e.g.AR super star, peacemaker, writing wizard, good listener). When a student displays a certain behavior consistently, the teacher will award them the specific brag tag to string onto a simple metal necklace that is hung and displayed on the wall in the classroom.

Classroom Flexible Seating

The classroom environment is very important when taking into account how students are learning and what you are wanting when planning the lay out and materials in your room. Students can feel more attentive when learning and have a sense of enjoyment in being able to feel engaged and excited to be in the class community.

Clock Partners

Clock partners can be used for a multitude of purposes. At the beginning of the year, the students will pick 12 of their classmates and assign each of them a number on their respective clock. Each partner should have each other’s names written on the same number on their clock.