Roller Coaster Timer

Student Contributor: S. Young
The Roller Coaster timer is a quick brain break between learning for students to go to the bathroom, get a snack, or talk with a friend. The time may be adjusted based on the day, (5-10 min) but the students may spend the time however they need.

The Roller Coaster timer can be used as a brain break or to transition between activities. I saw this activity used about halfway through the start of school and lunch, but it may be used whenever is appropriate. This tool allows students to use the time to do whatever they need. Students may also use the time to watch the screen and pretend they are riding the rollercoaster. I learned about this tool through a school I volunteered at. The teacher implemented this task upon recommendation from the students. They looked forward to this time and often spent it on the floor, watching the screen. Having the timer visible also allowed students to manage their time appropriately.

This tool fits best within the supportive phase. The teacher took into consideration what the students were saying and implemented this into her routine, to support the student and help them be more successful throughout the day. This tool may also be related to the preventative phase because it gives them enough time to chat with their peers, use the bathroom, or ask the teacher a question, which may be disruptive and take away from learning time. This tool most closely relates to the student directed side of the Theories of Influence because it was an idea that came from the students and directly impacted and accommodated students' needs.

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Tool Source: A mentor teacher

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