Fix-It Ticket

Student Contributor: S. Young
Fix-It Ticket allows students to reflect on their behavior and identify what they can do next time to avoid the behavior occurring again. This tool helps hold students accountable and reflect on their actions.

Fix-It Ticket can be used for a variety of different behaviors. Teachers may use these cards right after a disruptive behavior has occurred to allow the student to think about their behavior, why it was disruptive, and how they can avoid and correct it moving forward. The students are more able to identify the behavior that needs to be corrected when they reflect on it, rather than be told what they are doing is wrong and expected to change it. The students can also set goals for themselves to hold themselves accountable in the future. I don’t have any personal experience with this tool, but I definitely want to incorporate this into my teaching to teach my students to be reflective.

This tool fits within the corrective phase of management because it specifically relates to and addresses a behavior that has occurred. This tool is less focused on the “consequence” of the students’ actions and more importantly highlights how to correct the behavior. The reflection portion of this tool will help students manage and correct their behavior. This tool focuses on correcting the behavior, but it also helps to prevent the behavior from occurring again. The Theory of Influence this tool most closely embodies is collaborative. I think teachers should also be involved with checking in with students and seeing how they are doing with correcting their behaviors. The teacher can help facilitate this process. The student and teacher can work together to correct and prevent this behavior.

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Fix It Ticket Classroom Management Tool for Behavior

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