Brag Tags

Student Contributor: B.Bazaldua
This tool is helpful because it helps promote and celebrate positive behavior in the classroom. Each tag stands for a different behavior (e.g.AR super star, peacemaker, writing wizard, good listener). When a student displays a certain behavior consistently, the teacher will award them the specific brag tag to string onto a simple metal necklace that is hung and displayed on the wall in the classroom.

This tool gives students behaviors and achievements to strive for because they want the most “brag tags”. This tool also gives students something to be proud of and show off their accomplishments to the class. I have seen this work in a third-grade classroom and the students were so motivated to keep earning their tags! Not only can you use these tags to encourage positive behavior but you can also create tags such as (AR superstar, writing wizard, fabulous fluency) to motivate students to achieve academic goals as well. This is such a fun way to switch up your classroom management. Although it does take time to print, laminate, and cut out the individual tags, I have seen it work and have seen how much fun it can be for students that it is totally worth the time it takes to prep for it.

Out of the three phases “Brag Tags” mainly fits into the supportive phase. I placed it here because it is used to encourage and support positive behavior in the classroom. It could also be considered a preventative tool because it does prevent unwanted behaviors before they happen as well. I also think that it fits in nicely with both the student-directed and the teacher-directed theories of influence. This is because the teacher facilitates the handing out of tags but it is ultimately up to the student to achieve them. I think that the two influences in this case go hand in hand with each other.

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